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Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is a popular holiday destination in the southeastern part of Egypt, situated on the Red Sea coast. It is located approximately 271 km south of Hurghada, 220 km from Edfu, 131 km south of Al-Kusair, and 145 km north of Berenice.

Marsa Alam is renowned for its beautiful coastal bays, where numerous hotels are situated. These hotels often offer direct access to stunning coral reefs, making it a dream destination for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. There are also several natural bays where you can dive straight from the shore, as well as further dive sites that can be reached by boat or zodiac.

One of the main attractions of Marsa Alam is its charming beaches with sandy and coral bottoms. It attracts tourists not only with its picturesque landscape but also with its abundance of underwater life. Divers can encounter various species of fish, sea turtles, and even dolphins and sharks. Marsa Alam is considered one of the best regions for diving on coral reefs in the world.

Thanks to its distance from larger tourist resorts like Hurghada, Marsa Alam often offers a more intimate atmosphere and tranquil beaches. It is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and leisure in the beautiful scenery by the Red Sea.



Marsa Mobarak

Max. depth -30m
distance: 58km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 2

Marsa Mubarak is a picturesque bay with clear, warm water that attracts divers with its diverse underwater life. It is an ideal place for both beginners and experienced divers due to its shallow depths.

One of the most striking features of Marsa Mubarak is its beautiful coral formations, creating colorful reefs. Divers have the opportunity to explore these reefs and admire their incredible diversity. But that’s not all you can expect. If you’re lucky, you may encounter extraordinary creatures such as dugongs and turtles, which visit these waters to graze on seagrass. With an average depth of 14 meters, it provides easy access to the fascinating underwater world. The shallower waters make diving relaxing and allow for observing intricate details and tiny creatures.

Abu Sail (reef number one)

Max. depth -60m
distance: 56km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 4

Abu Sail, which roughly translates to “big rock in the bay,” is a breathtaking site. To explore it, one must swim about 80 meters with a scuba tank on their back. However, this reef has something truly exceptional to offer.

Inside the reef, there is a fascinating hole that serves as an entrance to a tunnel, or rather a canyon. You can jump into this hole and swim through the tunnel, which leads you to the open sea. There, you’ll encounter a beautiful and nearly untouched reef. As you pass through the tunnel, you can admire the extraordinary rock formation and the ever-changing underwater landscape. The open sea unveils entirely new possibilities for exploration and immersing oneself in the beautifully preserved reef environment.


Marsa Shoona

Max. depth -40m
distance: 52km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 2

Marsa Shoona is a beautiful bay located south of Marsa Mubarak, perfect for divers. It offers easy diving with stunning coral formations and schools of fish. You can also dive deeper, reaching a maximum depth of 45 meters. It’s an ideal spot for divers of all levels of experience, making it a great destination for everyone.

Shaab Shuuna

Max. depth -35m
distance: 41km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 2

Shaab Shoona is a diver’s paradise, offering entry through a charming natural pool and a narrow canyon. The coral reefs stretching in both directions create excellent conditions for underwater photographers. You will encounter seahorses, enchanting schools of mackerel, and if luck is on your side, even dugongs in special moments.

Marsa Murena

Max. depth -70m
distance: 43km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 2

Marsa Murena is a bay nestled deep into the land, with a sandy bottom and a narrow entrance accessible only in favorable weather conditions. Despite these conditions, diving in this location is incredibly rewarding. It features incredible reefs teeming with schools of fish. Occasionally, you may encounter turtles or dugongs. Towards the south, the depth reaches up to 70 meters, offering an exhilarating experience for more advanced divers.


Abu Dabour

Max. depth: 60m
distance: 43km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 2

Abu Dabour is one of the most beautiful shore diving spots. After descending through a small canyon that stretches a few meters, you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking view of beautiful corals and diverse marine life. It’s worth exploring both the northern and southern walls to discover all the charms of this place.

Abu Dabbab

Max. depth: 15m
distance: 35km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 1

Abu Dabab is a vast and charming bay abundant with seagrass, renowned for its turtles that graze in its area. Occasionally, you can also encounter dugongs, guitar sharks, and large rays. On the northern and southern sides of the bay, there is a beautiful coral garden. It’s highly recommended to bring cameras or camcorders to capture the extraordinary sights of this place.

Gebel el Rosas

Max. depth: 60m
distance: 18km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 3

Gebel Rosas is a narrow bay with a charming reef that extends to depths of up to 60 meters. It is an ideal place for divers seeking greater depths and exploration of small caves. You can encounter turtles here, and with some luck, even sharks.

Marsa Egla

Max. depth: 35m
distance: 13km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 2

Marsa Egla is a long bay in Marsa Alam, characterized by a gentle slope and clear water. Like in most places in this area, diving can be done on both sides of the bay. If we’re lucky, we may encounter a dugong, but even with slightly less luck, we can come across seahorses, turtles, or octopuses.

Marsa Assalaya

Max. depth: 50m
distance: 11km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 2

Marsa Asalaya is a popular gathering place for dugongs, thanks to its large bay with a sandy bottom covered in seagrass. In addition to that, it boasts beautiful and colorful reefs teeming with marine life. The diving depth reaches up to 50 meters, attracting experienced divers.

Marsa Samadai

Max. depth: 30m
distance: 7km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 2

Marsa Samadai is another sandy bay with a gentle entry from the shore. It is characterized by the presence of both seagrass and reefs teeming with rich marine life. Here, you can encounter moray eels, stingrays, and even barracudas or turtles.

Abu Ghusun (Hamada wreck)

Max. depth: 18m
distance: 68km north of Marsa Alam
difficulty level (1-5): 3

The shipwreck of a cargo vessel from 1993 is a fascinating diving attraction. It is beautifully covered in coral and attracts a variety of fish species, such as moray eels and Napoleon wrasses. Advanced divers have the opportunity to explore the well-preserved cargo hold, engine room, and bridge.



Max. depth: >100m
distance: 60min by boat
difficulty level (1-5): 4

This site is a legendary reef characterized by steep walls and two plateaus. It often experiences strong currents, making it recommended for experienced divers. The presence of beautiful corals and gorgonians makes it a truly unique location. Here, you can encounter almost all the species found in Egypt, including sharks and mantas. It is an extraordinary experience for diving enthusiasts.

Dolphin House (Sha'ab Samedai)

Max. depth: 40m
distance: 60min by boat
difficulty level (1-5): 3

Dolphin House, also known as Sha’ab Samadai, is renowned for its large pod of dolphins. The reef has a distinctive crescent shape and offers numerous coral pillars and caves along the bay’s shore. Sha’ab Samadai reef stretches from north to south. Two beautiful walls adorned with soft corals make diving there a magnificent and unforgettable experience. The shallow waters combined with sunlight create stunning colorful effects, adding a touch of magic to this place.

Shaab Marsa Alam

Max. depth: 30m
distance: 60min by boat
difficulty level (1-5): 3

Sha’ab Marsa Alam is a horseshoe-shaped reef with a central lagoon and numerous ergs (submerged sand dunes) on the east side. Its pillars are abundantly covered with soft corals, attracting a variety of reef fish species. The northern wall, exposed to waves and currents, teems with life and provides a fascinating diving spot.