Nurkowanie Egipt - Blue Submarine



Our dive center is the perfect place to relax after diving. You can unwind, share your dive stories, enjoy some music, and have a refreshing drink.


We can organize an afternoon trip to Hurghada where you can explore the main promenade, experience Egyptian bargaining at the shops and bazaars, visit seafood restaurants, or check out a dive shop. On the way back, you can stop at the Senzo Mall, a shopping center with a supermarket and various souvenir shops, clothing stores, shisha accessories, and restaurants including KFC and McDonald’s. We provide comfortable, air-conditioned transportation with a dedicated driver. It’s worth dedicating an evening to discover the city, especially since it’s only an hour away from Safaga.


Downtown, also known as Old Safaga, is the perfect place to experience authentic Egyptian life, away from tourist areas. This southern district of Safaga is like a living museum, where tourists can become the attraction for locals. While you’ll find a few souvenir shops there, most of them have a layer of dust indicating their infrequent visits by foreigners. It’s worth visiting the local cafes, where older Egyptians in traditional galabiyas gather to drink tea and play dominoes. You may also find the local barbershop, where customers are shaved with special razors, intriguing to try. There is a prominent mosque that brings life to the district, as well as charming fruit and vegetable shops. Right next to it, you’ll find a beach with traditional Egyptian fishing boats. We can arrange a bus for you to visit this area.


Have you ever ridden quads in the desert? If not, you must try it. We will organize an unforgettable excursion for you, where wrapped in a scarf, with the wind in your hair, you will traverse the sands of the desert. It will feel like participating in the Paris-Dakar Rally. You will discover that the desert is not as smooth and sandy as it seems. Here, the desert is called Hamada and is full of larger and smaller fragments and rocky debris. Besides quad biking, there are other attractions waiting for you: a Bedouin village where you can enjoy local tea and experience a ride on a local means of transportation – a camel.


If you are interested in history and architecture, this tour is perfect for you. Explore the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and statues and structures dating back 5,000 years. We will take you there in a comfortable air-conditioned bus, and a guide will provide you with detailed information about the places you visit. During the tour, you will also enjoy a local lunch and visit papyrus and alabaster factories.


The Ghost City, also known as Umm el Howeitat, is a former settlement built in the middle of the desert where phosphates were mined in the early 20th century. It was once a thriving mini-town with residential areas, schools, a hospital, shops, mosques, and even a prison. At its peak, it was home to 16,000 people. Phosphate was extracted using dynamite in numerous mines and then transported to Safaga by trains. In 1996, a severe storm caused a flood that resulted in significant damage to the Ghost City. As a result, the mines were closed due to depleted resources, and people were relocated. Since 2000, the city has been abandoned. We offer quad tours to explore the Ghost City.


Mons Claudianus, also known as the “Mountain of Claudius,” was a former Roman quarry located in the eastern desert of Egypt. It was named after Emperor Claudius, who initiated the quarrying operations there. The quarry produced a highly valued gray granite (granodiorite) used in ancient Rome. The site had its own garrison, accommodations for civilians and workers, as well as supply and transportation centers. Today, remnants of ceramics, written documents, and even some columns (the largest being 18 meters tall and weighing 200 tons) can still be found at the quarry and campsite. Additionally, damaged sinks, bathtubs, and fragments of structures can be discovered. The site was fortified with walls and towers and could accommodate around 1,000 people. Excursions to the Mons Claudianus quarry are conducted by jeep.