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Famous divers and the reasons they are with us

Tomasz „Michur” Michura

Tomasz „Michur” Michura is a technical diving instructor, associated with Sidemount configuration. He devotes most of his time to development of skills and procedures of this way of diving. What is more, he actively promotes this configuration all around the world. He is known for his passion for multi-tank diving.

I need professional approach of a diving center, equipment and gas availability, punctuality, diversified diving program adjusted to divers of different level of advancement and flexibility in the field of organization of this program.

I have all of this in Marcin’s base, and a nice surprise was delicious food on the boat between dives.

Availability of tanks with suitable valves is very important for me and my sidemount group. Such were not at our disposal at the beginning, however one e-mail was enough to send to Marcin so that he could buy 20 such tanks especially for my group. Now other sidemount divers will also be able to optimally use possibilities of their configuration. Such approach to the customer made a really good impression on me. The boat itself was once a boat, on which diving safari trips was organized, it is very capacious and comfortable, and even a substantial number of divers on the boat does not affect the comfort of reaping from its benefits. The crew is kind and helpful, and the cook in charge of aforesaid meals could successfully give private lessons to Magda Gessler in terms of preparing seafood. Dive sites are ideal both for those, who are keen on recreational diving and for technical divers, who crave for staying underneath water surface a bit longer and deeper. Safaga with Marcin is also an ideal for courses and workshops. I cordially recommend and invite to courses and workshops too run there by me.

Irena Stangierska

Cave diver and technical diver, and first of all a pre-eminent underwater photographer, well known in the country and abroad. She has been diving since 2003 and probably never without her camera.

I like to have all things in order to focus on my photos and trainings. I was surprised by having no comments about Marcin’s base. A huge and comfortable boat was at my disposal, boxes with fresh water to wash the photographic equipment, a large living room for studing, flexible attitude to diving program for my course participants, and what is most important for me – breathtaking diving sites. Keep it up!

Cezary Czaro Abramowski

An experienced technical instructor and cave diver, a participant of a lot of the projects in a deep exploratory diving. He has carried out above 1000 technical dives (more than 140 to depths more than 100 meters). Owner of Diving Centre – Ocean Explorers and of the first in Poland Academy of Technical Diving, Deep Explorers.

To make technical courses I need to have everything tip-top and all of this I found in Marcin Diving Center: a big and comfortable boat with own zodiac, a very flexible approach to my depth preferences, an option to request discretionary nitroxes and oxygen. That is more, majestic walls of Panorama Reef and Abu Kefan, and Salem Express wrecks. That all makes me want to come back to Marcin base.

Maciej Jurasz

Padi Course Director. Founder and owner of a Płetwal Diving Centre and H2O Academy of Instructors in Poznań. He was awarded with the highest distinction possible, PADI Platinum Course Director in 2018 – only three of Polish have been as highly distinguished in the whole history of PADI. Rebreather and technical instructor.

Marcin Diving Center is for divers the same thing, which is Top Gun for pilots. I have known Marcin for many years and through all this time he has made a huge progress. He started off slowly, as the first Polish in this region, listened to clients conclusions, worked hard so that everyone could feel in his Center like at home. Safaga and its reefs are amazing, and for me as an instructor my divers’ satisfaction is what truly matter, and this makes up an efficient logistics of base, ensuring due safety, and sometimes giving the group a free choise. Marcins base is top experiences, top smile and top sun – Polish “island” in Egypt. I highly recommend