Nurkowanie Egipt - Blue Submarine


If you have never been underwater before, you can do it with us. We offer basic diving courses, intro dives where you descend underwater with an instructor, and snorkeling to admire the underwater world from the surface of the water. All of this can be done safely and professionally with us.


One of the most popular ways to explore the underwater world for beginners or occasional divers who haven’t completed a full course is through an intro dive. It involves descending to a shallow depth with an experienced guide who provides essential information about underwater rules and safety. During the intro dive, the guide literally holds your hand, ensuring complete control throughout the experience. It’s an excellent adventure for a vacation, often leading many people to decide to pursue a full diving course and become certified divers. All you need is the willingness to try and a swimsuit, as the professionals will take care of the equipment and its handling.


Of course, being on a boat without diving is also a wonderful option that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Many people bring their non-diving friends or family on such excursions. From the boat’s deck, you can admire the incredible colors of the water, which are especially stunning near the reefs. It’s not uncommon to encounter dolphin pods leaping and swimming close to the boat, or even spot turtles on the water’s surface or flying fish.

Moreover, the boat itself offers plenty of relaxation opportunities. You can lounge on comfortable sunbeds and cushions, soaking up the sun or finding shade. Around noon, a delicious buffet lunch awaits, including refreshing snacks like fruit salad, cake, and freshly squeezed juice. All of this combines to create an unforgettable day at sea, full of excitement and relaxation.


It’s something between an intro dive and being on a boat. In addition to all the advantages of being on our boat, you can also admire the underwater world from the water’s surface using the basic “ABC” equipment – mask, snorkel, and fins. With your face submerged and looking through the mask, you can marvel at what lies beneath, breathing through the snorkel and propelling yourself with the fins. There’s no need to use full scuba diving gear and tanks to experience the beauty of the underwater world.

However, it’s important to be aware that snorkeling often leads to even greater interest in diving. Diving has an addictive quality, and often, those who start with snorkeling end up wanting to try an intro dive or even pursue a full diving course. Diving is like a disease, rapidly progressing and inspiring exploration of the underwater world.


That’s true, many people who once see the underwater world cannot go back to how things were before. The desire to become a diver becomes irresistible. The first step towards that goal is taking the PADI Open Water Diver course, which we offer. Through theory, shallow water exercises, deep water dives, and an exam, this course enables us to dive to a depth of 18 meters anywhere in the world. You will experience all of this with us in warm, clear waters, surrounded by diverse fish and marine creatures.

It’s not as difficult as some might think. When you look at experienced divers, it’s worth realizing that they were once beginners, just like you are now. So, let’s get started! Get inspired and… see you underwater!